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Selected Teaching


UBC Master of Data Science | Visualization course

As a UBC Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, I taught the Master of Data Science Visualization II course in 2019. Topics included visualization design principles, best practices, colour theory, interaction techniques, and usability testing. 


VIZBI Tutorial | Visualization design principles

In collaboration with Martin Krzywinski and Jessie Kennedy, I taught a tutorial on visualization design principles at the conference for Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI) in 2012. My contribution focused on design process

Selected Writing


Trends in Genetics | Visualization: A Mind–Machine Interface for Discovery

Inspired by computer scientist Frederick Brooks' statement that "a machine and a mind can beat a mind-imitating machine working by itself", I wrote this invited commentary for Trends in Genetics (2016) that makes a case for better coupling between computation and visualization in biological analysis. 


Nature Methods | Points of View​

Together with Bang Wong, I wrote three Points of View articles for Nature Methods in 2012. Representing the genome, Managing deep data in
genome browsers
, and Representing genomic structural variation each explored state-of-the-art techniques and open challenges in these fields. 


Nature Methods | Visualizing Biological Data​

I was the lead author on Visualizing genomes: techniques and challenges, one of five commissioned reviews discussing the challenges of visualizing biological data. These reviews were published as a Nature Methods Supplement, together with a commentary article, in 2010 to coincide with the first VIZBI conference

My full academic publication record is available on Google Scholar.

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