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Spark is an interactive clustering and visualization interface built with epigenomics data in mind. Instead of visualizing data along the linear genomic axis, as in a genome browser, Spark lets you cluster your data along points of interest, like transcription start sites, and rapidly uncover core patterns in your data. 

I designed and developed Spark at the Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre and later supervised students to extend its functionality. My contributions included:

  • Concept: Envisioned the project based on observed research needs.

  • User research: Collaborated extensively with members of the US National Institutes of Health Roadmap Epigenomics Program to understand analytical needs and iterate on the software.

  • Interface + visualization design: Designed all aspects of the visualization and UI

  • Implementation: Wrote the application in Java including backend data management and multi-threaded clustering for computational efficiency.

  • Supervision: Later supervised junior developers to extend functionality.

  • Project management: Planned and prioritized features.

  • Scientific writing: I wrote the Genome Research paper describing the methods and applications.

More information and videos available at

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