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Montage is a dashboard platform for single cell genomics data. Researchers at BC Cancer used it to analyze millions of data points with custom genomic visualizations that were not possible with standard dashboard tools like Tableau and Power BI. It's particularly innovative in how it uses Elasticsearch to achieve millisecond response times for cross-filtering with millions of data points. 

I led a team of software engineers and students in the design and development of Montage in Sohrab Shah's lab. My contributions included:

  • Concept:  Envisioned the project based on observed needs in the research lab.

  • User research: Engaged regularly with users to understand evolving needs and pain points.

  • Data design: Designed the Elasticsearch indices to achieve responsive queries and UI interactions.

  • Interface + visualization design: Provided direction on all visualizations and supporting UI.

  • Supervision: Managed a team of front and back-end developers.

  • Project management: Planned and prioritized features and deliverables. 

  • Grant writing: Wrote successful grant applications for the Canadian Cancer Society and Genome British Columbia which funded this work. 

Montage was published as a part of Laks et al. 2019 Cell paper and the current iteration is available at

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